Park Hill - SDS

Fern In Growers Pot

If you love the look of a traditional fern but don't love the constant upkeep and seasonal sensitivities, we have the permanent solution for you! The Fern in Growers Pot has very realistic detail in the intricate leaves. The 9.25” growers pot will easily drop into a container you currently have at home or look fabulous in porch urns. For traditional wedding venues, these are a constant rental piece for entryway décor or to disguise mechanics at the base of an outdoor arch.
  • Color & Finish: Green
  • Artisan assembled and finished by hand
  • Preshaped
  • Item Dimensions: 9.25"L x 9.25"W x 28"H
  • Materials: Plastic and wire
  • Pot Diameter: 9.25"
  • Wipe with Soft Cloth
  • Imported

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