Park Hill - SDS

Gilded Organic Edge Pot, 5"

The Gilded Organic collection includes artisan crafted white porcelain vessels with a glistening golden rim. The formal finishes modernize these organic containers that showcase ridges along their exterior from their thrown clay formation and beautifully imperfect edges along the opening, which are celebrated with gilded detail. This expertly formed and hand painted 5” pot narrows at its base. This contemporary piece is an exquisite shelf accessory, a perfect tulip vase, or planter for a small orchid or flowering annual that will allow its gold accent to shine.
  • Color & Finish: White
  • Finished by artisans, variations to be celebrated
  • Imported
  • Item Dimensions: 5"L x 5"W x 5"H
  • Materials: Porcelain

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