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Del Sur Pattern Cement Pot, 9"

Caught between the ocean and the desert, Del Sur combines an aesthetic that is both calming and bold, with a focus on nature and the outdoors. Our Del Sur Pattern Cement pots perfectly embody this juxtaposition between California cool and casual with Mojave style geometric designs. The natural texture and form of these beautifully patterned pots is achieved through a combination of cement and sand that is hand constructed and painted, making each piece unique. This vessel has a drainage hole to encourage your curated style to spill into your outdoor spaces. Our 9” pot features a mix of curved and triangular patterns in white and black, accented by the natural tones of its material and featuring a footed base. This size is perfect for plants such as large succulents or small herbs.

  • Color & Finish: Black, white
  • Finished by artisans, variations to be celebrated
  • Imported
  • Item Dimensions: 9"L x 9"W x 11.5"H
  • Materials: Cement and sand
  • Drainage hole

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